WPC Education | January


E-mail Marketing in the Wedding Industry


We had our first meeting of 2016 at The Capital Club.  Amanda Sage with Gong Gong Communications talked to us about some best practices of e-mail marketing.

  • Provide value.  Don't just send e-mails to send them

  • Do not scrape e-mail addresses from websites or directories & strongly avoid purchasing lists

  • Always provide an obvious way for someone to unsubscribe to your e-mails & immediately react to unsubscribe requests

  • Make your content compelling

  • Keep your content short an sweet by giving a summary and a strong call to call action to encourage them to read more on your website

  • Use relevant images frequently

  • Personalize your e-mails (e.g. name, wedding date, fiance's name, etc.)

  • Customize your template to your brand & have it built for you to use in a flexible e-mail marketing platform

  • Always use an e-mail marketing tool instead of doing it yourself

  • Review content with a fine-toothed comb, check for spelling errors, click & test all links, and repeat

  • Track and analyze your statistics

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the best days to send e-mails

  • Use e-mail automation (schedule your e-mails to go out automatically)

  • Change what isn't working

  • Avoid the dreaded spam label by avoiding using ALL CAPS, lots of punctuation!!!!!, and cliche buzz words

  • Avoid sending e-mails after your clients no longer need your product or service

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