Welcome New Member, Bachman's Cakes!

WPC welcomes new member -Bachman's Cakes

Your special occasion cake will be one of the last things people experience at your wedding, birthday or special event. It is important that you leave a favorable impression with your guests! Entrust our design team to take your pictures, ideas and theme colors to create an award winning cake for your event within your budget.

Bachman’s Cakes of Distinction has baked and designed over 7,000 Birthday and specialty cakes and over 3,000 wedding cakes during the last 30 years in business. Our design mindset is “Yes We Can”. Just about anything can inspire your special event cake design — the beautiful ornate molding in your ballroom venue, your joint love of modern design, or even the pattern of the serving ware. So search the internet and find pictures, a sketch or just an idea of what you desire. Then entrust our design team to take your specialty theme ideas and colors to create the award winning cake within your budget.

We are so excited to serve you at your special event! Won’t you please take the time to call (614) 799-9343 or email info@cakes-of-distinction.com so we can discuss next steps.